Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

The Humane Society of Yates County takes pride in the low-cost spay/neuter program for income-eligible pet owners of Yates County. Not only does this program reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals in our community, it improves their quality of life by providing numerous medical and behavioral benefits.

Program ELIGIBILITY & Requirements:

  • Pet owners must be income-eligible and provide proof of income with their applications. Specific details regarding income qualification are subject to change and will be determined at the time of your application. Pet owners currently receiving income-based public assistance (i.e., food stamps, medicaid, SSI/SSD, workers’ compensation/disability, etc.) are generally considered good candidates for this program.

  • Proof of Rabies and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations are required prior to surgery if your pet has been previously vaccinated. If your pet has not been vaccinated, they will need to be the day of surgery. At this time that cost is waived to you. Costs of vaccinations are $9 for Rabies and $19 for Distemper/Parvo (prices are subject to change).

  • Feline spay/neuter procedures cost $50 per animal (compared to $80+ at many vet clinics).

  • Canine spay/neuter procedures cost $100 per animal (compared to $150+ at many vet clinics).

  • Possible additional charges may occur if the animal is already pregnant or has another condition identified at the time of surgery.

  • Note that nursing females will only be eligible for this program after their babies have been weaned.

Only ONE application needed per person

How to Apply:

  • Click on the button above to access the Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Information Packet and Application. Print the document and complete pages 2 and 3 of the packet after reading the entire application packet.

  • Provide proof of income (i.e., most recent W2 form or 2 most recent pay stubs) and, if appropriate, a statement of approval of benefits from any assistance program (including, but not limited to, form SSA-1099). This information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

  • Proof of rabies/distemper vaccinations should be provided at the time of application or you may be liable for the cost of those vaccinations prior to surgery.

  • Provide the above documents to:

    Humane Society of Yates County

    LCSN, P.O. Box 12, Penn Yan, NY 14527

  • Once your documents have been reviewed you will either:

    • receive a denial letter (if you do not qualify for the program) or,

    • once a date has been set for your pet’s procedure, you will receive a letter with that date and complete instructions on preparing for the procedure.

timeline to follow prior to your appointment:

  • 48 hours prior to your appointment is the deadline to cancel an appointment. Failure to keep an appointment without first contacting the shelter and speaking to Bonnie or Nathaniel will cause your application to be placed in the inactive file. If you would like to reschedule, a deposit will be required.

  • 48 hours prior to your appointment is the deadline for requesting a hard-sided cat carrier (by calling the special spay/neuter information line at 607-244-5893) for use in transporting your cat to his/her appointment, if you do not already own a hard-sided carrier. Soft-sided or cardboard carriers are not acceptable.

  • 8 pm the day prior to your appointment is when your pet must begin to fast. Only water may be consumed after that time.

  • 8:20 am the day of your appointment is when you are due to be at the shelter. Punctuality is critical. Payment must be presented at that time (cash, check or credit card). Your cat must be transported in a hard-sided carrier with no more than one cat per carrier. Dogs must be on a leash. Please be sure to provide a phone number where you can be reached should there be a complication with your pet’s procedure.

  • Do not expect same day updates on your pet’s procedure(s). If there is a problem with your pet’s procedure, you will receive a phone call. No news is good news!

  • 10:15 am the day after your appointment you must pick up your pet at the shelter. Pets not picked up by 11 am may be subject to a $15/hour fee.