Surrenders: Life is Complicated

We can’t always predict when our home is no longer a safe place of refuge for our animals. Job loss, death of a family member, moving for a new job, divorce … all of these can provide stress on our family, including our pets.

HSYC provides a non-judgmental refuge for your pets when you can no longer care for them. As a no-kill shelter our capacity is limited by law, so we cannot always provide that refuge when you need it, but we do our best by providing waiting lists for those pets in need of refuge, sometimes called rehoming.

We encourage you to reach out to other local, no-kill shelters in our area if space is not available at our shelter. If you cannot find a shelter who can take in your pet, you are welcome to click on the button below to complete (or print) the pet surrender form and we will add your pet to our waiting list. Once we have space available, we will contact the pet owners on our waiting list in the order of first come, first served.